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Frequently asked triathlon questions


Frequently Asked Questions


Q - What is the first step to enquiring about a specific training Program?
A - Click here and and enter your details into the online form. Once received you will be contacted for further interaction and prior to a program commencing a phone consultation with Nick Croft from Multisport Consultants to fine tune the specific of your program is undertaken.

Q - Do you specialise in any one distance - eg Ironman?
A - It has become an increasingly bigger part of MSC's work - Ironman and half Ironman specific coaching but MSC still works with athletes of all distances from sprint to Ironman as well as endurance athletes from single sport as well as special endurance goals individuals may have.

Q - What level of athletes do you work with?
A - From Beginner to elite

Q - Are the programs structured to the needs of the individual?
A - Yes, your lifestyle, time available to train, working hours and other individual details are all taken into consideration.

Q - Does the type of training differ throughout the year?
A - Yes, in order to maintain motivation and progression it is necessary to vary the training loads and cycles depending on what time of the year it is.

Q - Is it necessary to do swimming in a swim squad?
A - At MSC we believe it is a great help but if it is not possible due to work or lifestyle then a program suited to you level pf ability is given to you each week.

Q - What are your coaching fees
A - Fees very depending on what type of program your choose and how much interaction you require. A full fee plan is available by going to the coaching link on this site.

Q - Do you still charge if I am on a program and are injured or sick?
A - No, you are charged only when you are training actively, so if you have an injury and miss a week or 2 or are ill your program is put on 'hold' while you recover. During your recovery you still have full access to MSC for questions and feedback rehabilitation direction

Q - How do you keep tabs on athletes on the programs?
A - Weekly feedback is encouraged. Interaction with Multisport Consultants is as you need and is basically unlimited, once an athlete has signed up to be coached they are sent a log to be filled in weekly. On all programs except for the premium the athlete is encouraged to phone on a monthly basis and whenever some urgent communication is needed.

Q - What about pre and post race messages - tips and tricks & feedback
A - Ongoing support is give to all current athletes. Pre and post event tips and feedback, and coaching update tips and squad news are emailed regularly to MSC athletes

Q - Do you provide information on various areas of triathlon for beginners eg using Heart rate monitors, or choosing a bike or basic nutrition
A - HR calculator, Log, program info, training terms used, MSC athletes access to various products and clothing at discount rates, training articles specific to triathlon and pre, during and post event nutrition

Q - Are hands on or one on one training sessions / initiatives available to MSC athletes?
A - Yes, just make an enquiry via email if you are visiting Noosa at any time to arrange with Nick Croft or if you live on the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane region Nick can come to you via appointment for personal one on one or small group sessions. Regular training squads are run at Noosa all year around. Squad time table is available on this site.

Q - Is it necessary to be on a training program all year round?
A - No, it is recommended that you have some down time at the end of each season participating in activities other than triathlon or your chosen sport to refresh the mind and body. Everyone is different and so are their goals and experience so the time off will vary.

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