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Absolute triathlon beginners find that their fitness levels improve dramatically with little or no coaching. When general fitness levels are low, almost any kind of training will improve conditioning and performance.

Long term improvement is achieved through following a structured training program, planning and goal setting. Multisport Consultants have been involved in helping many athletes, young and old, achieve sporting success and more importantly meet their self imposed targets through developing enjoyable programs that build towards long term success.

Please find a brief collection of case studies and testimonials below;

Successful triathlete - Kate MajorSuccessful Ironman Performer - Kate Major

Over the past few years Kate Major has stepped up from age group champion to professional athlete .In 2003, Kate’s first year as a pro, she introduced herself with a top ten Ironman World Championship finish. She won the 2004 Ironman USA Championships by ripping up the field on the bike course. The same year she moved up to 3rd place at the Ironman World Championships. Last year (2005) Kate won Ironman USA (Arizona) and then repeated her 3rd place World Championship finish on the strength of the second fastest marathon ever run in the lava fields. These are all important statistics but here’s the really important one: Kate is 29 years old. Kate now is based full time in the USA Living the dream in San Diego and it is always great to see her continued progress and catch up with her when she drops in to Noosa from time to time.

Find out more about Kate at

Age group achievements

Each of the age group categories and distances, have been catered to, in preparing individual training programs and we have had some great results on the world stage over the years - from Hawaii Ironman podiums to ITU Triathlon World Champions and everything in between. Multisport Consultants is proud of the association built with the athletes below. Some athletes remain on programs to this day while others have worked out how to get the best from themselves and now monitor and revise their own training programs.

Some of the athletes Multisport Consultants has designed training programs for, past and present, are listed below;

Kate Major, Byron Carter, Brendon Seipolt, Tim De Vries, Paul Dwyer, Jon Simmonds, Belinda Halloren, Sam Cooke, Susan Kobbe, Emma Major, Brian Barr, Jan Croft, Jenny Tanner, Sue Stevenson, Zeglar Fergus, Brad Allen, Justin Hunter, Allan Moustoukas, Carl Schmidt, Andrew Rowlings, Chris Dmitrief, Daniel Darcy, Guy Shead, Darrel Griffiths, Derrick Davey, Doug Griffiths, Emma Griffiths, Garth MacLachlan, James Hinchliffe, Jane Foreman, Jason Chehsire, Jeff Barker, Justin Fabian, Kerry Bourne, Lisa Beasley, Louise McNulty, Louise Williams, Matt O'Neill, Michael Broadbent, Nat Schofield, Paul Hayden, Peter Brown, Peter Degnian, Peter Seldon, Rebecca Brown, Sarah Fein, Shaneen O'Brien, Steve Ash, Steve Buth, Steve Pratt, Mel Gaudart, Jon McLachlan, Andrew Partington, Grant Callaghan, Marcus Muller, Brendan Wenke, Ashley Thomson, Mark Revell, Marty Leahy, Gary Turner, Brendon Stanford, Emma Major, Adrienne Willing, Stuart Wilkins, Dan O'Rourke, Mark Verstege, Kerry O'Niell, Simon Wallis, Luke Reynolds, Kim Fabian, Vicki Gohl, Renata Bucher, Greg Merhag, Deb Court, Lyndal Nobal, Marc Withnall, Peter Crockett, Neil MacPhee, Alison Caiafa, Bree Morris, Jackie Coulter, David Coulter, Nicola Gregory, Jess Flemming, Barbara Brady, Mark Martin, Paul Titman, Josh Adam, Gary Brayley, Micheal Sweeny, Tim McGavin, Caroline Giles, Yolanda Brady, Ashley Milroy, Jason Keg, Rahel Baettig, Craig Steley, Donald McKill, Colleen Souter, Roger Souter, David Alsop, David Chick, Catherine Spiteri, Ben Boswell, Brian Hannon, Angelika Hannon, Colin Brown, Soren Veijby, Lisbeth Veijby, Georgie Mott, Genvieve Alexander, Graeme Brewer, Graeme Orr, Jason Smith, Jill Harris, Karen Artis, Peter Fry, Mark Botsford, Mike Dunstan, Paul Titman, Peter Crockett, Peter Nimmo, Brad Kent, Tom Mewing, Rod Wigglesworth, Shane Vivian, George Skoufis, Bill Skoufis, Leonie Cook, Ondine Shaw, Nerissa Stafford, Hazel Lyons, Mark Powell, Jan Avery, Paul Argall, Peter Hodson, Mark Harrison, John Rafter, Luanne Kent, Richard Hobson, Richard Moye, Damon Lacantro, Trish Lenz, Vanessa Williams, Geoff Maccana, Sean O'Brien, Jacqui Hopkins, Mark Preston, Hueg Foster, Naomi Hansen, Tim Stacey, Harry Burnett, Brad McMahn, Simon Wallis, Paul Lakey, David Acheson. Katie Kenny, Carolyn Seipolt, Michelle Hampton.

Nick Croft from Multisport Consultants has coached a number of professional triathletes also over the years along with hundreds of age groupers. Below is a list of some of the professional athletes Nick has personally coached.

Emma Major - IRONMAN AUSTRALIA - winner 20-24

Belinda Halloren - IM Japan 3rd, IM OZ 6th, IM Swiss 4th - 2003

Sarah Fien - IM Japan - 2nd 06

Chris Dmetrief - Hawaii finisher in 9.15, 2nd Yeppoon Half Iroman 2006

Renata Bucher - Exterra Saipan 1st 2008, Guam Triathlon 1st 2008, Tre-ex MTB Triathlon 1st 2008

Naomi Hansen MTB - Noosa Enduro 2008 2nd, Mt Perry MTB marathon 2008 1st

Professionals traveling through Noosa over the years have trained in Nicks Squads - Names like Craig Walton, Cameron Brown, Belinda and Justin Grainger and Greg and Laura Bennett.

Age Group Triathlon Racing Success

Multisport Consultants train athletes of any age groups and ability to compete in all distances of triathlon from sprint through to Ironman racing.

Triathlon Testimonial - James HinchliffeTriathlon Testimonial - James Hinchliffe
After completing Ironman Australia in 2008 in a time of 9hr 54min, I found myself with the opportunity to head to Kona to participate in the big one. Given this is the pinnacle of Ironman triathlon, I wanted to compete in the best shape I could possibly be in. I contacted Nick where we discussed such things as goals and strategies for the race and my current commitments to work and family. The end result was a structured training program that challenged me physically but allowed time for commitments other than training. The first check I got, as to how the training was going, was at the Yeppoon Half Ironman. Nick had incorporated this race in the build up to Kona. I had done this race once before, however this year I went around 15mins faster! Things were looking good and on track for the main goal in October.

I finished the Ironman at Kona in a time of 10hr 09min, only 15min slower than Port Macquarie. As far as I am concerned that was a great result, one that I attribute to the smart, challenging and structured weekly programs from Nick. The training programs worked perfectly for me and I couldn't recommend a better way to prepare for an event. I look forward to working with Nick on the next campaign, whatever that may be!

Triathlon Testimonial - Steve Pratt
Since my first Ironman in 1990 when I recorded a time of 9hours 32mins, I have been trying to go under 9 hours. I read every book on training methodology I could get my hands on and trained as much as 700km a week on the bike and 130km a week on the run, but the times didn’t get any faster than 9hours 27mins. I new it was time to bring on professional consultation. Australia certainly doesn’t have a shortage of great coaches. After a lot of thinking I went with Nick Croft. His 22 week program sent to me by email saw me quickly recording regular PB’s with a lower mileage base and a more solid structure than when I coached myself.

I completed this year’s Forster Ironman in a time of 8hours 58mins. An improvement of 30minutes, probably more when considering two things: the race was non wetsuit, and I stop twice on the bike to retrieve lost gel flasks.

I have found Nick’s approach to be very friendly, personal and intuitive, something afforded to him no doubt from his years as one of the worlds best triathletes, coupled with his knowledge from years of coaching juniors, pros, and age group triathletes. Nick helped me achieve the best race of my life and I encourage anyone looking to improve their performance to join his program.

Successful triathlete coached by Mutlisport Consultants at Ironman AustraliaTriathlon Testionial - Louise McNulty
Who would have anticipated a 40 min course PB and an age-group placing after a two year break from Ironman competition. My coach, Nick Croft and I achieved this at the 2004 Snap Printing Ironman. A great listener, Nick always responded constructively to my feedback and subsequently, developed my programs with an individual approach to my requirements. Training variety eliminated boredom which assisted me to maintain focus throughout my preparation. Great training with you Nick, and I look forward to continuing our teamwork and building upon our results.

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Nick Croft - Career Achievements  |  Nick Croft - Overcoming Illness


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